come in and enjoy our cape cod style harbor side dining!

About Quincy’s Original Lobster Rolls

Welcome to Quincy’s, a place where you can take a few minutes out of your day to relax, see a friendly face, and enjoy delicious lobster rolls all while you think about those great experiences you’ve had during summer vacations.

In 2012 a group of local friends were discussing the great times they’ve had at different beach spots during family summer vacations.  There is the Jersey shore and all those familiar great times; but other special memories like the beauty and laid back lifestyle of a New England vacation kept coming up… especially enjoying those mouthwatering lobster rolls.  This group of friends wanted to recreate and share those good times, especially the food.  A few years later that dream is a reality with our first store opening in Berwyn, PA. Quincy’s is excited to be on the Maine Line and for you to enjoy a little taste of New England.